Natural lighting

After setting the right viewpoint, try several sun positions, compare the results and choose the best one. Some like a late autumnal late afternoon sun setting with longer shadows, others like a high sun setting in the summer after lunch. Choose the sun setting that works best for you, but make sure it creates a contrast between light and shadow. For example, don't brighten the whole scene by having the light come from behind the camera, or choose a sun setting so low from the eye that it illuminates the whole interior. Try to find a good light/shadow balance.


Too low sun exposure from the front

Switch on the shadow and use the shadow simulation to set the date to 18 May at 08:30



If you don't like this setting, use the realtime draft to find another sun position.


Integrated realtime draft mode

Once you have set the correct position of the sun, turn off the integrated realtime draft window.

Let's continue with Material Options - Render Styles.

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