Photo retouching

With the results you see below, I'm sure anyone you show the picture to will just say "WOW, it looks so realistic".
But it can be further improved!
I'm sure you've seen some beautiful scenic designs on various websites. The first question is always the same. How do they do it? What software do they use for rendering? Of course, it's very important that whatever visual design program you use, the render image you create here must be of high quality. The visual designs you see on the internet or in catalogues are all photo-retouched. A photo post-production only enhances the beauty of the render image that is already well done. Just adding a little contrast or lighting can add a lot of subtlety to the result.
As I mentioned above, there are different programs.
Photo post-processing is an extra step that can help to improve the final result. At the end of the workflow movie that accompanies this tutorial, you can see the adjustments I made in Photoshop.


Retouched image

This brings me to the end of my proposals. I hope that it will be of help to you and that you will be able to master what you have learned here in a short time.

As I mentioned, I have also made a workflow movie of this teaching aid, which you can find here:

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