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2D & 3D Furnished Plan Service

By now an indispensable tool for real estate advertisements and construction site signage. Furnished 2D and 3D floor plans are the most comprehensive method of representing properties for sale.

The furnished 2D and 3D floor plan plays a very important role in the sale of the property because it allows future customers to immediately view the spaces and enhancement of the premises in an immediately understandable way. This presentation allows you to better evaluate the real proportions of the rooms and the footprint that the furniture chosen by the customer has on the available spaces: it is thus possible for the customer to change the destination of the various rooms to optimize the spaces. For the seller, it is a powerful tool that highlights the merits of a property with a glance so that they are immediately understood by the potential buyer. The ability to place furniture in the rooms can also help undecided customers by showing them various styles of furniture.

2D floor plan

Simple, economical and functional, this type of floor plan is suitable for agencies that are approaching the idea of ​​promoting their own property under management in a more detailed way.

The 2D Floor Plan offers a powerful tool for your agency for both the buyer and the seller in the acquisition phase.

This type of floor plan can also be enriched by the furniture of the property, so as to give the customer a clearer idea of ​​the arrangement not only of the spaces in the house but also of any furniture that may be present.

3D floor plan

Of great visual impact, the 3D Floorplan is perfectly suited for publication on the web. Ideal tool to make the palatability of a property perfectly understood.

Thanks to a high visual impact, it will allow buyers to show high-level details that will give a precise idea of ​​the property and its unrivaled interiors.

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Advantages of 2D and 3D Floorplan:

  • Makes spaces immediately understandable. The presence of the furniture is of great help for the customer

  • Showing a furnished environment enhances the property and reduces sales times. The presence of furniture in each room makes the peculiarities and merits of a home immediately recognizable.

  • It is also possible to make both structural and furnishing changes before the start of the work with considerable savings in time and money.

  • In the era of social networks, presenting this type of image on your web page will help to immediately understand the attractiveness of a property, as well as provide greater visibility and satisfaction for your company.

un stand in una fiera

What is included in the2D & 3D furnished plan service?

3D furnishings

The rooms will be furnished with the required style (modern, classic, etc.) with furniture from my collection or easily found on the internet, similar to those you requested.

Fast delivery times

The timing depends from project to project but on average the delivery takes place in 7-10 working days via email.


Checks and Changes

The progress of the work is shown through screenshots in the room modeling phase and through test renderings in the rendering phase.

The customer has two revisions available, one in the room modeling phase, one in the rendering phase


Final Furnished Plan 

High resolution photorealistic images will be sent in tiff format



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