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Virtual Home Staging Service

Virtual Home staging in practice, it virtually “sets up” a house, allowing the potential buyer or tenant to see all its strengths; is a 3D digital reconstruction of the environments carried out using graphics programs and reworked with render engines. It is, therefore, a home staging intervention that takes place only on a computer, as happens for a rendering project but developed on real images of the room in question. In this way, those who want to buy or rent a house will be able to get an idea of ​​what it will be like to live in that place.

Virtual home staging is perfect for a graphical representation of an indoor environment. It transforms an empty room into a fully furnished room, giving body to the ideas of the interior designer and the client at the same time, who can compare themselves on real images to obtain the best possible effect for the furnishing of that room.

This type of service is applied for the design of new premises, for the renovation of existing structures or even just for a restyling, to “refresh” an environment with new trends in terms of furniture. In all cases, it offers valid points of comparison between those who sell and those who buy or rent, showing the true potential of the apartments.


The Advantages of Virtual Home Staging:

  • It shows in a realistic way all the different solutions of the project.
    This allows the architect to be the first to see what he has imagined and created on paper before starting the actual construction phase. On the other hand, the customer can see a real picture of what he is buying. Both can evaluate the harmony of the proposed solutions, the distribution of volumes in an almost realistic way: the room is real, the furniture designed with computer graphics; the final effect is a virtual reality that explains much better than many words.
    This service is therefore an additional weapon for the sale of a property. The customer, without having to use too much imagination, already sees what he is buying and what the final glance will be.

  • Quick changes in progress
    The ability to change a project quickly and several times, allows you to correct any imperfections or meet the customer's second thoughts, whether this is just a change in the color of the furniture or even moving windows. Discussing possible solutions with the customer on a photorealistic image is simpler and more immediate than thinking about a paper project.

  • Presentation of a project on social networks
    Nowadays every studio / professional makes itself known through a web page. Presenting furniture projects in 3D using real spaces with photorealistic and paperless images is an excellent advertising medium. The client looking for a professional can see in advance the modus operandi of those who intend to consult and evaluate if it coincides with their style. Showing in advance the quality and type of work that is offered is today the most powerful business card.


What is included in the virtual home staging service?

3D furnishings

The rooms will be furnished with the required style (modern, classic, etc.) with furniture from my collection or easily found on the internet, similar to those you requested.

Fast delivery times

The timing depends from project to project but on average the delivery takes place in 7-10 working days via email.


Checks and Changes

The progress of the work is shown through screenshots in the room modeling phase and through test renderings in the rendering phase.

The customer has two revisions available, one in the room modeling phase, one in the rendering phase


Final Virtual Staging

High resolution photorealistic images will be sent in tiff format



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