Video presentation with music and special effects

Video Presentatione & Animated Logo Service


What is a video presentation and why is it useful?

The video presentation is a slideshow, of images or videos, with music support and special effects and with the possibility of adding texts to give as much information as possible to customers.

Since we now live in a virtual world, I believe that presenting a project as a short film better captures the customer's attention and therefore is a very useful tool for promoting one's own project.

Traditional presentations of a project (plans, sections, floor plan, etc.) are often boring. With a video, on the other hand, presenting the project intrigues and is more easily memorized by the viewer.

A video presentation has a lot of advantages -

  • The inserted images do not have to be rendered, just any photo relating to a project

  • The video increases visibility and sharing through social networks, thus making your marketing more effective

  • In addition to the renderings, presenting the project to the client with a video is an indication of great professionalism.

  • The carefully chosen music and the special effects amplify the customer's attention exponentially.


What is an animated logo and why is it useful?

The animated logo is a very short video made with the purpose of creating a static logo.

The reasons for using them are many, such as

  • Animated logo makes communication more eye-catching

  • It makes you recognizable and is the first thing people see when they come into contact with you on your site or on social networks

  • The animated logo is an excellent alternative to more traditional ideas.

  • Widely used in marketing: on the website, in social profiles, in the presentation of the project ...

  • It can be associated with any video making a presentation even more effective.

What is included in the video presentation & animated logo service?

Special Effects and Music

The movie is enriched with high quality templates and suitable music.

Fast delivery times

In the case of the video the delivery takes place in 3-4 days, Instead for the animated logo 2-3 days.


What is needed?

For video presentation: the images and videos to be included in the movie. For the animated logo: your static logo in png format.

The customer has two modifications for the video presentation and one for the animated logo.

Final Animation

I send you the file in MP4 format




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