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Virtual Tour Service

The Virtual Tour is a technology used to show environments interactively: with the help of hotspots it is possible to navigate within the project. The Virtual Tour is a new communication tool with a strong emotional impact, which allows you to create paths of images to explore.

Thanks to the combination of 360 ° panoramic photographs, it recreates spaces and environments providing a visualization closer to reality, whether it be indoors or outdoors. The customer, sitting in front of a PC, can "wander" through the various rooms, go outside to see the garden and move from one floor to another as if he were really in his own home. The high realism of this service is certainly an additional arrow to the seller's arch: the customer, projected on this tour of the property, will certainly see his interest in buying strengthened by exploiting the emotional component derived from being able to walk into his next home. . Virtual reality is today more and more present in our world; we have all experienced it in some way but, despite everything, it always leaves us amazed and fascinated. Today, thanks to new information technologies, this type of reality is within everyone's reach, not only reserved for film productions and, in the construction field, it is proposing itself as the gold standard for the near future. More and more programs allow the realization of these exploratory trips of the properties that do not yet exist. By putting this technology at the service of the seller and for the benefit of the buyer.

Apartment house on the lake with attic

The Advantages of the Virtual Tour:

  • Maximum realism in the presentation of the property: what you see will be what will be built;

  • It allows an inspection of the site without going to the site: it allows you to make changes before the start of the work;

  • Immerses the buyer in the property during the presentation: it allows you to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a property to be able to meet the buyer's wishes;

  • Saving time and money: seeing clearly before the start of work allows you to start on the "right foot".

  • Every studio / professional now makes itself known through a web page. Presenting furniture projects in 3D using real spaces with photorealistic and paperless images is an excellent advertising medium.

What is included in the virtual tour service?

3D furnishings

The rooms will be furnished with the required style (modern, classic, etc.) with furniture from my collection or easily found on the internet, similar to those you requested.

Fast delivery times

The timing depends from project to project but on average the delivery takes place in 7-10 working days via email.


Checks and Changes

The progress of the work is shown through screenshots in the room modeling phase and through test renderings in the rendering phase.

The customer has two revisions available, one in the room modeling phase, one in the rendering phase


Final Virtual Tour

The file will be sent in web format



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